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Steel windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular. The use of such beautifully thin elements fits the trend for contemporary industrial and minimalist architecture. As well as interior applications, they can also be used for exterior façades and patios.

Such façades are available in various styles, from elements divided into sections with glass or panels, to a full-glass look such as the windows in Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House. This has a very modern, minimalist look with large glass elements, supported by sleek, pencil-thin steel frames. The contrast between the white walls, wooden beams and ceilings and the “graphical” steel windows is a feast for the eyes.

While steel windows are often used as interior partitions with single (safety) glazing, they are also available with insulated glass panels. In addition, steel frames are also very durable. All corners and seams of the steel windows are welded, galvanised and powder coated, which creates an uninterrupted layer around the frame.

Steel interior partitions are ideal for making a space multifunctional, without loss of natural light. A room divided by glass still feels spacious, while this would not be the case with a closed wall.



"God is in the details".

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe  

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